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A password is a secret word or phrase that must be used to get access to a computer system or service. A strong password consists of a capital letter, a small letter, a number and a special character. For different sites or social media, people use different passwords, but it is definitely going to be a huge headache to memorize passwords. This is the scene where the Password manager makes the entry. In this blog, we will cover more about password managers for business in detail.

What is a password manager for a business?

Password managers are applications that handle online credentials and can create passwords for both online and offline use. A typical business-grade password manager saves time for everyone in a company by allowing them to create strong, one-of-a-kind passwords for each account.

With password managers, you can use the same password manager on your phone, personal computer, corporate computer, and other devices since they can sync login information across devices, even employee-owned devices. Moreover, these password managers help organisations and employees to keep their business-related passwords and sensitive information secure. 

10 Salient features of a good password manager

  1. A good password manager provides multi-platform support, mostly in Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.  
  2. Password managers help you store a vault’s passwords, notes, and other credentials.  
  3. They have a password generator that helps create strong, unique passwords.  
  4. They must offer recovery options as they provide you with a  Master Password.  
  5. They offer Automatic Device Sync and flexibility when switching devices.  
  6. Password managers are capable of storing more than just passwords.  
  7. A good password manager can save and autofill passwords, eliminating the need to manually type or copy-paste usernames and passwords. 
  8. A Password manager can leverage several encryption protocols to ensure your data is safe and secure from the bad guys. 
  9. End-to-end encryption is a must-have to ensure data in transit is secure. 
  10. They also offer sharing support that allows you to easily share credentials and items stored in your vault. 

Top 10 Best Password Managers for Business 2024

  • Zoho vault

Zoho Vault is a reasonably priced password manager. Additionally, it allows you to share your vault with several people and admin yourself simultaneously. With multifactor authentication, your credentials are protected as best as possible in the Zoho vault. As an additional security measure, you can select the single sign-on (SSO) option. 

In addition, Zoho Vault employs host-proof hosting to protect your data. This guarantees that your data is securely secured. Additionally, it has a mechanism for user audits that aids in keeping tabs on password usage. It provides browser plugin-ins for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and offers Touch ID for iOS and fingerprint scanners for Android users for biometric login. 

The major drawback of Zoho Vault is that it better serves corporate rather than individual use. In fact, the majority of features are most relevant for larger businesses. 

  • Lastpass

LastPass is a feature-rich, free and premium password manager that is incredibly safe and easy to use. Both a free and a premium version are offered. Although the premium accounts for LastPass are very cheaply priced, the free version is excellent. By demanding an extra form of authorisation to enter into your accounts, LastPass also offers multi-factor authentication to safeguard you against phishing attacks. Administrators of Lastpass get exclusive access to a dashboard that enables them to view things holistically. 

Speaking of its flaws, LastPass occasionally experiences server issues. In addition, Lastpass is pricey in comparison to other services. 

  • Password Boss

As a password manager, Password Boss is simple to use and comprehend. The primary goal of this password manager is to consistently provide password management’s essential features. If you are able to offer the proper type of information, it also gives you access to all of your passwords in an emergency. You may also completely remove every password you’ve saved on the device with Password Boss. Password boss lets you sync your passwords across a variety of devices. 

The flaw of this password manager is that it offers strong customer support but only email as a means of actual personal contact. Another drawback is that Password Boss lacks automated password updates. 

  • Nord Pass

Nord Pass is a password manager great for companies wishing to boost security. Nord Pass reviews every action using Nord Pass, which also provides desktop software for Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.  

In addition,  Nordpass is compatible with browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Safari. Business and Enterprise price tiers are available for Nord Pass. With multi-factor authentication for each user, it provides foolproof security. Additionally, Nord Pass supports the analysis of password health and assists in the identification of weak passwords as well as the creation of stronger ones. 

  • Dashlane

 Dashlane,  an intuitive password manager, is a viable choice that offers familiarity with technology and requirement. Furthermore, it keeps an eye out on the dark web for data breaches and notifies you personally if any of your saved information is found in a batch of stolen information.

Dashlane has 3 pricing plans: Free (No charges, limited features), Premium, and Family. Premium plans at a high price, limited hours for live chat customer service, no direct phone number, and lack of team password management tools are the reasons for not opting for Dashlane as your ultimate password manager. 

  • Keeper

Keeper is another password manager created to monitor password usage by your staff members. Additionally, it includes a browser plugin that you may use risk-free to remember your login information. Keeper has an easy-to-use interface, and it can be shared with multiple people. The vault can store both encrypted and non-encrypted files. Also, it provides an Admin Console, which can be used for directing the system. 

But, the Keeper is not available as a free version, and the add-on protection modules can be pricey. 

  • Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a fantastic option for a safe, straightforward, and affordable password manager. Sticky Password contains helpful supplementary features and makes using passwords really simple.

Sticky Password contains a few really helpful supplementary features in addition to covering all the essentials of password management. Easy onboarding, mobile device backup, a variety of browser plugins, and many more. Sticky Password’s drawbacks include a lack of live chat help, sluggish synchronizing that might be too eager and malfunction, and a lack of key functionality. 

  • 1 Password

One more popular password manager in 2024 is 1Password. It has excellent security features and allows customisable vaults ( Personal, Financial, Travel, Work, and Family passwords and data).

Additionally, it provides password monitoring, which notifies you when a password has been compromised, copied, or is weak in any other way. Additionally, it features a very user-friendly interface and reasonable cost. 

  • Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a user-friendly and highly secure password manager that includes almost everything for individuals, teams, and businesses. Bitwarden’s basic plans focus on password management, including multi-device sync, optional self-hosting, and unlimited online storage. 

The best part about Bitwarden is that you can access it from any browser and device, and you can keep track of all your employees and their password usage. However, the basic desktop app and limited customer support options are bitWarden’s drawbacks. 

  • Roboform

RoboForm offers advanced account management capabilities along with the ability to evaluate the health and hygiene of passwords. It can provide mobile applications for iOS and Android as well as plugins for all popular browsers. The free version of Roboform is pretty nice and gives you access to a safe vault for your login information.  

RoboForm will be a wise investment, but sadly, you may want to avoid it because there is no free device synchronization, and there is no choice for a monthly subscription. Additionally, it will take some time to become proficient in all of RoboForm’s features. 

How to Start Using a Password Manager?

  • Select a password manager that works for your company. 
  • For your vault, establish a master password. 
  • Log in to your accounts. 
  • Start updating your passwords. 

5 Things to consider when purchasing Password Manager

  • You can check where passwords are stored. This feature saves you from worrying about de-encrypting your passwords over a public Wi-Fi network. 
  • Double-check if the password manager has 2FA (two-factor authentication) for higher security. 
  • Check if the password manager is compatible with Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.  
  • See the option to share your passwords using user access management features. Both business password managers enable administrators to set up user groups and assign user permissions for different passwords. 
  • Check for browser extensions, as all password managers offer support for all browsers. Some only have Chrome and Firefox extensions, while others support less common browsers. 

FAQs about password managers for small businesses

  • 3 Tips to make a strong password for your business

  1. A strong password should have at least 12 characters long, which is more random and unique. 
  2. You can use symbols or special characters.  
  3. Do not use sensitive or general password types or information. 
  • Forgot my master password, What do I do?

Make sure the service provider has a plan in place for losing a master password before registering with them. If you don’t, your account can be permanently lost. 

  • Which is the great “ password manager, firefox”?

Most preferably, Dashlane, 1Password, Keeper, RoboForm, LastPass, and Sticky Password are the best password managers for Firefox. 

How popular are password managers in Australia?

Australia has already advanced in terms of technology, including password managers. Every business in Australia is getting digitalized and making every activity easy, safe, and secure, individuals and businesses need password managers. Also, those who are doing digital marketing or freelancing highly rely on password managers, which help them log in, check on the client’s communication, and many more. 

Most importantly, in the fast-paced life of Australia, people don’t have time to wait, recall their password or flip pages to see; rather, they opt for an easier way- the password managers.  

Thus, we can say that password managers are becoming popular in Australia. 

Why choose NSWITS for a cloud-based Password manager for business?

NSW IT Solutions is a Sydney-based IT Solutions company that holds expertise in providing utmost safety to clients’ details and data. We also help our clients in getting online password managers for business. After proper discussion with clients and professionals, the company offers the desired package for the overall safety of all the data, including password managers.  

Further, to make easy, fast, and effective password management, we also offer our clients affordable password management tools. The clients can get a consultation with our IT and marketing team to know what is included and which pricing and packaging with be fruitful. With a secure password manager, our clients have achieved a faster pace in their work while staying fully in work than recalling the passwords. 

Also, NSW IT Solutions is a leading digital marketing company in Sydney offering the best of all digital marketing solutions, including- Google Ads, PPC, SEO, Social media marketing, Content Marketing, etc., including password managers and digital marketing services, we offer extensive IT-cloud-based services. 

Visit our website or contact us for any IT-related or digital marketing service in Australia. 



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