What To Look For When Buying A Desktop Computer in 2018?

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Though the usages of the laptop have overcome the usage of the desktop computer, in 2018, still desktop PCs hold charm. Many peoples, especially nontechnical are in dilemma of what to look for when buying a desktop computer.
As a comfortable device to work for long hours without straining your health. Today, the desktop version of PCs does not come with traditional version instead they come with a power packed features of all in one’s touch screen and high-end gaming rings. For people who want to make desktop their working desk then, high-end screens are of no use.  
If you are looking for a prim and proper guidance to buy a desktop computer then you have to do plenty of brainstorming like price comparison, brand comparison, requirement comparison and after sales service comparison. If you hurriedly pick one without brainstorming then you will end up with the WRONG decision. Whether you are buying the PC for business use or personal use in picking a PC. So below are some common factors one should keep in mind while choosing the Desktop for your use. 
infographic on how to purchase desktop computer

Identify version

Identify the version of desktop PC you want. For a long end, desktop PC pick PCI Express for it allows you to expand the hardware and software. 

Brand Selection

Select a brand of PC you want. If you are a brand loyal person, it’s obvious you will be picking desktop from the same brand. But if you are not certain with the brand, then go for brands which give you support and maintenance service. 

Hybrid or Regular PCs

Finalize your PC style hybrid or regular. A hybrid PC offers you screen touch feature while a regular PC offers you with easy functional features which are easy to operate. 

Operating System

Pick a right operating system for these are the expensive part of PC. For a long-term purpose make sure the operating system is Windows 8 or 7. 

Ram & Processor

For a long-term purpose i3 processor is best for it removes overclocking as it offers a better spare power. I3 processor with a minimum RAM of 4GB is a basic requirement. If your work involves movie editing task then go for higher RAM which supports your OS. 


Consider the types of software you want to install in your PC. Check out the memory, space required to make it function properly without any breakage. 


Look out for hardware and the best back up option. If you have large files comprising of video or multimedia then go for hard disk which offers 500GB space. You can also purchase external hard disk to move your work from home to workstation. 

Price Range

Check out your budget and then pick a PC. If the seller is willing to give you additional discounts and it does fit in your budget after all requirement then go for it, otherwise look out for other brands which cater to your requirement. 

Additional Requirement

Besides Desktop do you want any additional hardware, if yes rely on that to the vendor maybe they will further reduce the price or even give you an additional offer? 

Price Comparison

That’s an important part. For a same brand, one vendor may charge you high price while the other may charge less. There are several e-stores which offer a price comparison of the product so do through that once before purchasing it. 
The aforesaid points are the few steps in purchasing a right PC for yourself. If you had not given a thought on it then you should give it to save yourself from a future headache and unnecessary issue. Be Smart and Act Smart!  



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