NSW IT Support prepares a clear strategy to create a synergy between business and IT audit.

IT audit is a systematic analysis of IT infrastructure deployed in an organisation . The overall assessment performed determines whether or not the information system safeguards the assets, maintains data integrity, and has enhanced the operational efficiency of the organisation . It also reviews the existing software license and its compliance status. 

NSW IT Support prepares a clear strategy to create a synergy between business and IT audit. The designed approach examines the state of infrastructure, level of availability of IT service, IT process and their continuity, and the IT efficiency of the overall information system. 

IT auditing is an opportunity to obtain an unbiased assessment of your IT management and its application. 

Our certification includes 

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Security 
  • Certified Information Security Manager 
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor 
  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control 
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional 
  • Microsoft Certified Professional 

Benefits of IT Auditing in your enterprise

  • Discover the source of performance issues. 
  • Identify the current IT setup and associated risk. 
  • Enhance IT governance, ensure data security and control. 
  • Suggestions for IT strategy and roadmaps. 
  • Examination of IT system and investments. 
  • Sanity check of the existing system. 
  • Verification of data security standards. 
  • Compliance & reporting. 

Process of IT Auditing 

Before commencing with the full-fledged IT audit, we define our process into six stages: 

  • Approval of audit goals, coverage, methods, and criteria 
  • Preparation of audit planning 
  • Examine previous audit report 
  • Perform IT audit of the company 
  • Examination of the provided records and evidence 
  • Preparation and submission of the audit report 

IT Auditing services performed by NSW IT Support

Compliance Gap Service Analysis In congestion with the business method and structures, the gap analysis gets performed to thoroughly examine the existing controls, procedures, and systems covering the cyber and information security. Compliance review generally helps the business to find out the difference between the industry standards and internal policies with solutions and areas of improvement. 

  • IT risk assessment : Monitor and report the risk posture. The audit practice implemented by NSWIT Support recognises the capabilities, subject matter, industry risk, IT process, operations that align the components to the business. For the risk assessment, we use our risk methodology approach and frameworks.
  • IT control and process audit  : We collect and evaluate the evidence of the business system, policies, and procedures: the service identity’s, and test internal control matrix. The prepared control reviews then get implemented to address the business objectives which expand to technology and its application.
  • Data analysis & security audit : The agenda of the audit is to examine control under the standards designed by the regulations. The function of the audit is to build business value, mitigate risk & its management, and enhance performance through data analysis.  A security audit is essential to ensure the reliability and availability of data. Failure to design application security may invite unplanned cyber threats causing loss of financial data. Our IT audit performs cybersecurity assessments and penetration tests.
  • IT projects reviews & feedbacks: Performing an independent risk assessment supports the shortfalls of the projects, its performance status, and control measures. Independent validation and external feedback from certified professionals improve the chances of project success.
  • IT division, assets, and resource audit : The audit conducted to optimise the expense, re-organise the division, and implement a modern methodology in IT department. In conclusion, we give detailed recommendations to meet business objectives.

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