Are you in search of proactive direction & guidance to your IT? Are you looking for opportunities to outgrow from current IT status?

When your IT department is the pulse of your business operations, you can’t make downtime adjustments for any scenarios (data loss, security breaches, or catastrophic disaster). So, your business must necessarily ensure its optimal performance. We use an agile method to get hold of your business perspectives, through which we offer out of the box yet practical solutions. 

  • Control IT Costs

    You can scale your IT Costs according to your requirements and only pay for what you need. Whether that be increasing or decreasing staff.

  • Trusted IT advisor

    Through regular account management meetings your Managed IT service company will be able to oversee your overall IT roadmap and become your trusted advisor.

  • Increased efficiency

    You’ll have your IT needs outsourced to a team of IT experts, and during times where you need additional project support, your managed IT provider supplies the extra staff.

  • Small initial investment

    Managed IT services help you offset the initial investment of technology costs. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on hardware and software upfront.

  • Economy of scale

    As your business grows, its support structure needs to grow, too. When you use a managed IT service you can scale your business up or down with nothing more than a simple discussion.


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  • Managed Network Service:

    Organisations today lookout for ways to reduce operating and capital expenditure. NSW IT SUPPORT helps shape and manage your network to an extent where you can focus on the core portion of the business instead of the network managing sector. Our strategic approaches allow you to identify the required networks which support network function visualisation and software-defined networks.

  • Cloud Integration and Support

    We go through your business requirement, budget and design to meet your goals, efficiency, scalability, and costs. NSW IT SUPPORT also seamlessly transfers data and functionality from hardware storage to cloud storage with minimum downtime and security for data loss. 

  • Managed Security:

    NSW IT SUPPORT protects confidential information across network hosts, applications, and databases with firewall monitoring, management, and maintenance by our experts. We detect and respond to IT security threats, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance by monitoring security information management.

  • Web Monitoring Service

    We have the tools to scan your web threat regularly. If your website is under a possible threat, we make sure to mitigate the potential damages immediately. We frequently monitor your site and provide real-time alerts when compromised data are detected. We implement password manager, multi-factor authentication set up, data protection, and login & reporting to keep track of login details for more safety.

  • Remote, Online & On-site Support:

    We are a proven problem solver, as our well-experienced IT counselor exactly knows to provide a feasible solution to the problem. NSW IT SUPPORT online, remote, and on-site support to take care of your IT infrastructure and queries. Our support service is available 24 hours for your IT inquisition.

  • Other Services

    Managed IT support includes cloud service, project management service, and web management service. 

Advantages of Managed IT Services Offered by NSW IT SUPPORT 

  • Reduces business costs, as the business has full authority on cost centers.
  • Provides 24 hr monitoring service to manage vendor relationships, networking issues, website issues, and other IT-related business anxiety.
  • Increases operational efficiency through proactive IT management services.
  • Provides cost-effective access to enterprises.
  • Minimizes downtime.
  • We deliver comprehensive monitoring, incident triage, and reporting service about the undertaken projects. 
  • Customer support available 24/7. 

The effectiveness of your MSP depends on the technical expertise and the number of professionals assigned for the task. However, the real magneto of their growth depends on their customer satisfaction skills. For SMEs business or large corporate business look out for MSPs who they can blindly rely on. Given this reality, MSP should include strategy on the technical upfront, their approach, and their thorough interaction to improve customer satisfaction.

With minimal customer guidelines, the MSPs have the power to keep their customer on the check and become the invisible hand of every business in Sydney.

NSW IT Support does not hide the mess. We keep the IT portion of the business in excellent running order by implanting the tools, best practice, and experience. A highly competitive MSP service provider offers a competitive edge by enhancing operational efficiencies. There is a lot to value in a business, and MSPs roll out the value. Though there is no single algorithm for a particular service, you can produce ROI tools for MSP’s use. Between the monitoring and maintenance, vendor management, around the clock support, on-site support, vendor management, which is a significant amount of value. 

“SMEs are uniquely positioned in the market. They occupy the space in the business as startups or beginners.

What do Managed IT services mean? 

In the techno gripped world, every person thinks that they understand the term “managed IT services,” but when asked to define in a more precise form, they get roped into stammering issues. So, what does Managed IT service mean? And how do managed IT service provider (MSP) manage your IT environment.

When going through the typical definition of managed IT service, the answers mostly revolve around person to person, and that kind of reply may or may not make sense. One of the best examples of a Managed IT Service provider could be NSW IT Support.

From the customers’ point of view, they might think, “I would want to outsource the entire IT work rather than the development of the internal team, to gear up my entity performance.” To that client, MSP work might only spin around the configuration and installation of equipment.

But the toil does not confine to setups. Though the outsourced team will configure every item to best practices, it also works out on the monitoring and patching, tighten the configuration from the security end, fine-tune every setting, performance to dynamically cope with the state of the design.

For any occurrence of functionality or connectivity matters, they fix it on-site or off-site with or without informing the client. The service provider shall also replace or repair the hardware as required, as they might need the device to operate under strict SLA (Service Licensing Agreement) and then provide a report to prove the adherence.

Those are the basic assumptions of managed service, but reality differs from the finer points.

“With 2/3 business adapting managed service, learn about Managed Service Provider (MSP) on the on-going process.”

Managed service is an evolution of the traditional break and fix model. The business would hire a third-party specialist to upgrade, repair, and install systems on an ad hoc basis. The managed service model is based on a subscription-based model, where the company agrees to pay a fixed amount every month.

What the management entails vary considerably. Most managed service providers offer a basic package for daily Support, with a more sophisticated deal, including disaster recovery.

It is an excellent option for the business that wants to scale up but has no proper resources to support every infrastructure irrespective of any changing scenario. Service Level Agreement (SLA) is essential when outsourcing services, as it shows the minimum level of expectations that a customer shall receive.

The service covers a range of business functions from the system, network, application, system, payroll, backup, and recovery solution with workstation management. For instance, currently, managed IT services are migrating cloud services to assist the SMB business. These small businesses lack resources and expertise. To fill in the gap, the MSPs provide in-house cloud service.

Another area concentrated by Managed IT Service provider is security. The increasing malicious attack, entity lookout for specialist managed service provider, handles day-to-day security, patch the leakage, caters to the breaches, and has a robust backup system.

Advantages of outsourcing Managed Service Provider (MSPs)

  •         Maintenance & upgrades: Organisation no longer must worry about software renewal, license, and upgrading. The MSPs take all of it to care. Further, they can also access the latest technology and software, which is expensive.
  •         Predictable cost: Instead of incurring large IT expenses at once, businesses can predict accountable problems and pay monthly or annually.
  •         Expertise: For SMBs outsourcing knowledge and expertise with technical assistance can be of great help.
  •         Time-saving: Outsourcing saves time. The in-house team can focus on the business’s core objective instead of wasting un-necessary and unsolved work.

So, how to reconcile these two mindsets. Understanding and building a partnership is the first step. The purchaser must understand that they are not only

Why are managed IT services necessary?

  • It aligns the outcome of the business. An IT company is expected to perform a good job; they are hired to minimise the downtime and maximise the productivity of the business.
  • A sense of peace of mind. You might be good at your business, while you have zero knowledge of IT. MSP take care of your IT so that you can focus on the revenue portion of the company.
  • Strategic IT planning quarterly or semi-annually basis. What do IT systems need in the 12 months or 24 months? MSPs allows you to think ahead and advice on the fourth-coming plans. This is a link to proactive Support and risk minimisation.
  • Proactive Support. Support is there 24/7. So instead of making your internal IT team fix your problem. They will figure it out, set it without disturbing your system.

Four key elements to the successful implementation of Managed IT Service

There are several decisions that your organisation needs to make while managing the service contract.

  • A complete framing of the total cost of IT to identify the actual price for the organisation.
  • Identify potential providers, and request audits of the system.
  • Complete onboarding process after selection of trustworthy managed service provider.

Things you should know about Managed IT Service.

Deciding to collaborate with MSPs can be overwhelming. But before that, you have to understand what Managed IT Services are.

You don’t want to buy something that you are not aware of, right? Managed IT service can be your outsourced IT department who is 24/7/365 days active to cater to your business. The only goal of MSP is to cater to the company effectively and efficiently. NSW IT has designed several packages for managed service so that you are clear of the inclusion and exclusion of service in each package, which is the most demanded service package.

The demand for service is high in the Australian market. University, health cares, law firms, manufacturing companies are few of them that experience severe relief when coordinated with MSPs. Any SME business can see a massive improvement in production once collaborated with MSPs.

How Managed IT Service assist SMEs?

1.   Mitigates risk: The alternative working pattern increases liability and business risk. The SMEs can reap the advantage of external expertise on compliance and adapt the insights of global, local and regional regulations.

2.   Enhanced program visibility: One of the challenges of managing contingent is getting a clear sight of the company’s ability to measure program and performance accurately. With an MSP in place, companies benefit from the clarity in the IT portion.

3.   Get assistance from top talents: MSP optimises the supply chain and releases the best candidates for the MSP service. Through supply rationalisation, MSPs build a more strategic relationship with the vendors and offer high-quality talent.

4.   Data management & predictive analytics: The evolution of MSP has allowed the SMEs to invest more in the business sector in a more sophisticated manner. The development of easy to use reporting dashboards and predictive analytics has allowed the business to generate measurable results. This gives SMEs to evaluate their weakness, required human resources, and operational costs.

5.   Improves scalability & flexibility: Companies should respond to the changing market requirement. MSP uses an extensive supply force for every change in the SME business, which minimises the ideal time.

6.   Innovative technology & practices: MSP continuously invests in its infrastructure, which may be beneficial for the entity. For instance, accessing cloud platforms can pull out collaborative benefits. Few of the MSPs also provide access to management portals to facilitate the communication process.

Benefits of Managed IT Service for Small Business! 

A frequent question asked by the entrepreneurs, is it profit-making? Will it increase our revenue? How much benefit can we reap from it? And as a consultant, we can say, it depends. The response to the generic question “Does Managed IT Services Benefit Small Business” it might not sound satisfying right now.

MSP service is an outsourced service to reduce the day to day stress of managing your business IT. An organised company will ensure that your IT infrastructure and user system are remotely managed. You can handover the business information, chain management and integration so that you can focus on the business ventures.

Getting the right MSP is not an easy task; you need one, who can clearly define the needs and advancement. Any business with IT systems should primarily consider hiring a trustworthy MSPs.

Before figuring out the advantage, find out what is managed services?

Managed Service is a board term in IT service. The service rendered by MSPs revolves around the topography of remote management, managing IT infrastructure, and end-user systems such as instant messaging, company email, and proactively resolving any issues through offline or online services.

Managed Services offered by IT solution provider based in Sydney, are;

  • Help desk support
  • Network security
  • Data backup & recovery service
  • Custom software solutions
  • Remote network monitoring
  • IT planning and implementation
  • Server management and security
  • Hardware maintenance

What does Managed Service Providers (MSP) do?

The only aspects the MSPs offer is the one-size fit service. Due to the varying wealth of businesses across the industries, the IT needs depend wholly on the requirements of the IT-sphere. Managed Service Provider based in Sydney has so far developed customised tailor-made solutions designed to meet the business need.

Some of the services of Managed Service Provider are listed below;

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote Support
  • Hosted email
  • Installation and Management of Firewalls
  • Remote diagnostic and troubleshooting
  • Backup and restoration of servers
  • Monitoring and management of servers, desktop, and networks
  • Installation and management of software patches
  • Installation and management of spam, virus, and malware detection software

Can your small business afford endless hours of downtime?

As the owner of a small business, ask yourself the amount of downtime your business can afford? Though the problem can be addressed as a minor one if it locked-out, the whole of the employee is sure to affect the technical difficulties.

For instance, from a simple setup of PC to wi-fi connection your business a few months ago went through a transitional phase. And again, it has migrated to remote servers, hosted email, cloud computing. The data’s during the period may be vulnerable to hackers; your mail could harbour malware and viruses. The act can move your business towards the threatful zone.

In the interest to minimise the downtime issue, most of the small businesses have elected to take help from the managed service provider to keep a tab on the costing portion and the business process. The business technologies hold the potential to impact small businesses in several possible ways, provided they can be monitored and managed with potential benefits.

The ultimate intention of the service provider is to reduce business downtime, risk, boost profits and productivity. The service vowed by the MSPs are more than just a break and fix response. The dedicated internal staff hired as the entity’s IT team can only handle small IT issues and get it mended.

But as we know, the landscape of technology is evolving. The IT issues are much more than the break and fix the scenario. Data security and disaster recovery have become an important aspect. Protection of critical data, the operational process can be wholly reached through the use of the best possible managed IT services.

Considering on engaging the Managed Service Provider, several questions that small business needs to identify the answers to the following items carefully;

  • In what ways the MSP shall provide clear evidence of the value you shall receive from the service?
  • How shall the MSP recognise compliance and security exposure by keeping your data secure?
  • How exactly shall the remedies portion be executed with the IT infrastructure?
  • What optimisation path shall be chosen by the MSPs for your business to be increasingly digital and cloud-centric?
  • How effectively does MSP adopt and discard the advanced and phased out technologies?

How much managed IT service cost in Sydney? 

This is the most common question asked by prospective clients. The exact cost of Managed IT Service in Sydney highly varies on the complexity of the IT environment, business requirements, technology users, projects, and so on. The pricing highly depends on the guideline; therefore, it’s better to sit and discuss the pricing structure with the managed IT service provider and understand the pros and cons of outsourcing one of them. In general, the cost of Managed IT Service is segregated as per the following:

  1. In an hourly basis: In the hourly payment model, you shall be paid on the number of hours worked. An hourly rate is charged based on the time taken by the professional to fix the issue. For instance, your wireless breaks-down. You call an expert and get it fixed; the amount you pay them is charged based on the time taken to get it to fix. Most the enterprise take this as a perfect solution, especially who has a smaller number of technology users with less issue. However, an hourly pricing model is an additional cost incurred outside the Managed IT service, which occurs due to downtime or service disruption.
  2. Block time or retainer: Block time allows you to purchase the service at a reduced rate for an hour or two. A practical model for generic outsourcing pieces of IT Support. In this charging system, the businessperson must be aware of the inside and outside scope.
  3. Hourly rate with a base fee: In this pricing model proactive fees may be charged by the technicians. It is a kind of fixed price; therefore, the enterprise can predict the cash flows and invest in the other sublets of business. Apart from the business fee, the managed IT service provider may provide monitoring, maintenance, remote tools, and security and anti-virus service with a base fee.
  4. A fixed price (inclusive of every charge): A company is charged a set fee every month that intends to cover all the IT requirements with almost no costs outside the scope. The inclusive model initiates the provider to become more proactive and prevent issues before it destroys it. With all-inclusive fees and fixed plan, MSPs use specific preventive and effective strategic measures to ensure no disruption in client work. Most likely services offered at the fixed price are:
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Cloud management
  • Vendor management
  • Strategic plan development
  • IT consultancy
  • Backups & disaster recovery
  • Migrations
  • Bug fixes
  • Updates


Who are Managed IT Service providers?

In several cases, managed services company is all about a squad of reactionary technicians with faded knowledge charging lower rates and who take care of small clients. What they are good at it is, blaming previous MSPs, old technologies, application and so on.

So, let’s keep those old dirty tricks away. Today, what most companies are looking for is a 24/7 service to monitor and manage their web environment with a comprehensive help desk willing to tackle every assertive problem. Customers are highly seeking for a running website instead of lengthy bills.

Before hiring any MSP, find out the total number of technicians employed by them. Ask them about their real certifications, experiences along with strategies they have so far build to deflate immediate risks. Talk to your peer group, and just compare how your managed service provider stacks up.

Is vendor management a part of Managed IT service?

There are times when due to application revisions, one or the other things fail. So, in this case, a single point of accountability (SPA) is searched for when you want someone to assure you with an immediate address.

Absence of this will invite blame game, while your business grinds towards extinction. Technology vendors don’t need such kind of troubleshooting. Directly ask your MSPs about their vendor management program, skills, and learn about their case studies.

Do we need to sign an SLA contract for the service?

A specified enforced time frame with measurable service response is how SLO is defined as. This is usually the best effort, offered by MSPs with target objectives with no time frames. This means service can be quickly rendered without designing any sort of forethought and delivery consequences.

Ask every MSPs about their version of SLO. Make them demonstrate their internal process, along with their success measurability.

Do MSPs take care of business website issues?

Website updating takes loads of time. Most of the companies and service providers just neglect it. During the audit, either they patch it up or never adopt the procedure of updating. A professional Managed IT Service Provider, will wholly cover the website status from scratch.

You want your website operating quickly and securely. Do check the agreement with your current MSPs. Make sure your websites are updated on regular interval instead of getting patched.

Is on-site & off-site support included?

The labour laws state that on-call service seeks for overtime payment. It is considered as an expensive scenario for outsourcing companies. Most of such company’s head for gambling scenario, assuming nothing can go wrong.

As a business operator, you would want 24/7 support even during late hours. Make sure your Business IT Support team has provisioned and designated team with every readily available tools.

Further, it takes a whole amount of patience to configure monitoring system properly. A combination of human response and automated monitoring is the best option to address the issue before they impact you. After paying thousands of dollars, you would want someone to watch alerts in real-time and get fixed.

Without any sort of hesitation, inquire about their monitoring systems and how they take care of every red alert.

Systematic ticketing system ensure effectiveness?

These are one of the most secure and organised ways of tracking every website issue. One can easily see the helpdesk queue. Most MSP uses essential tools & software and their blessed memories to keep track of their customer’s needs. Such an act confines effectiveness.

A systematic ticketing system is what your MSP should be used to submit a stress-free workflow for scheduling and escalation. Seek for a demonstration.

A Managed IT Service Provider assist your in-house team in several specific manners. Being professional expertise, they are keen to figure out the most significant financial drainage in an IT operation. According to the report released by CISCO, more than 70 per cent of organisations’ budget flows out in keeping the system powered.

Moreover, they are also keen on finding the best match for every specific need by developing a strategy fitting the vendor’s size, location, hybrid solutions, data centre abilities, and cost. Modern MSPs have resources, skills, and commitment to staying updated with every critical technology. They are flexible enough to act as adjuncts, to perform high-level functions that your team failed to provide.

Whether your business needs cloud computing, secure monitoring, or additional professional staff, a modern MSP is sure to assist you in your organisational well-being.

NSW IT Support has been working as a trusted MSP since 2012. The entity has worked with diversified clients; therefore, we understand the requirements of SMEs in the IT section. If you are in university business or health care service, you can connect with us for a refined MSP service inside Sydney. For more on Managed IT Service, contact us!

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