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Managed IT Support Services

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Managed IT Support Services

Are you in search of proactive direction & guidance to your IT? Are you looking for opportunities to outgrow from current IT status?

When your IT department is the pulse of your business operations you can’t make downtime adjustments for any scenarios (data loss, security breaches or for catastrophic disaster). So, it is necessary for your business to ensure optimal performances of your business. We use agile method to get hold of your business perspectives, through which we offer out of box solutions.

Services offered by NSW IT SUPPORT for Managed IT service

  • Managed Network Service: Organizations today look out for ways to reduce operating and capital expenditure. NSW IT SUPPORT helps to shape and manage your network to an extend where you can focus on the core portion of the business rather on network managing sector. Our strategic approaches allow you to identify the required networks which supports network function visualization and software defined networks.
  • Cloud Integration and Support: We go through your business requirement, budget and design to meet your goals, efficiency, scalability and costs. NSW IT SUPPORT also helps to seamlessly transfer data and functionality from hardware storage to cloud storage with minimum downtime and security for data loss.
  • Managed Security: NSW IT SUPPORT helps to protect confidential information across network hosts, application and data base with firewall monitoring, management and maintenance by our experts. We detect and respond to IT security threats, mitigate risk and ensure compliance through monitoring management of security information.
  • Web Monitoring Service: We have tools to regular scan your web threat. If your website is under possible threat we make sure to immediately mitigate the potential damages. We frequently monitor your site and provide real time alerts when compromised data are detected. For more safety we implement password manager, multi-factor authentication set up, data protection and login & reporting to keep track of login details.
  • Remote, Online & On-site Support: We are a proven problem solver, as our well-experienced IT counsellor exactly knows to provide feasible solution to the problem. NSW IT SUPPORT both online, remote and on-site support to take care of your IT infrastructure and queries. Our support service is available 24 hours for your IT inquisition.
  • Other Services: Our Managed IT support includes cloud service, project management service and web management service.


Advantages of Managed IT Services for NSW IT SUPPORT

  • Reduces business cost, as business has full authority on cost centers.
  • 24 hr monitoring service to manage vendor relationship, networking issues, website issues, and other IT related business anxiety.
  • Increases operational efficiency through proactive IT management service.
  • Cost effective access to enterprise level.
  • Minimizes downtime.
  • We deliver comprehensive monitoring, incident triage and reporting service about the undertaken projects.
  • Customer support available 24/7 days.

To undertake our Business IT Support service, kindly contact us at 1300 138 600!