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Managed Public Cloud Solutions and Private Cloud Solutions

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Managed Public Cloud Solutions and Private Cloud Solutions

NSW IT SUPPORT has partnered with most trusted name in Cloud Industry. We offer managed clouds services with high security, more bandwidth, and more storage space. This application allows your customers to quickly know about your business. Our managed cloud solution service is tailored and user-friendly.  With fast backup and recovery options, Cloud is advantageous for any organization having a massive volume of data. 



Private Cloud Infrastructure: These are the most secure alternatives as the enterprise data are secured and controlled on the servers that the organization has full access on. The servers can be confined to your organization boundaries and can be managed by your IN-HOUSE staff or can be managed through outsourced data centres. The data stored in this server can be accessed in a secured and private link. 

Public Cloud Infrastructure: Public can make access to the stored applications and resources stored by the organization for public use. Public cloud benefit includes flexibility, scalability, cost effectivity and pay per usage function. 

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: It is a combination of on-premise, private, public and third-party cloud. Hybrid cloud allows flexible movement of workload between public and private clouds with more deployment features. Hybrid cloud maximizes the value of balancing external services and internal assets with wide scalability. 


Benefits of Managed Cloud Solutions with NSW IT SUPPORT, Australia:

  • Cloud Back up and Disaster Recovery 
  • Data Protection with integration for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. 
  • Guidance on improvising data storage and availability in the Hybrid cloud. 
  • Expansion of availability strategy to the cloud with Storage craft and Veeam. 
  • Protection of Confidential data from ransomware. 
  • Data availability solution with Storage Craft and Veeam. 
  • Veeam Cloud Connect: It backups your data in DRaaS from cloud. It integrates cloud repositories into back support site in cost-effective, user friendly and flexible manner. 
  • Storage Craft: It keeps the retained data in SaaS. With one backup solution it protects your Window System and Linux. It immediately restores the backup option after disaster occurrence. 
  • 24/7/365 help desk and Support service. 

To avail and know more about Hosted Cloud Solutions offered by NSW IT SUPPORT contact us at 1300 138 600 or email us at info@nswits.com.au !