Before issues occur, please FIX them! 

For a moment, try to imagine not having to worry about any IT problems for several months. The hassles of software updates and integration are gone, as are the frustrations of downtime, and the sleepless nights that precede a security breach are a thing of the past. The infrastructure of your company is entirely under control while you are away from your office. 

In a nutshell: IT security from NSWITs give you the best value for your investment. Our support technicians offer 24/7 technical support that is proactive, not reactive, in response to problems. 

This solution satisfies all of your IT security requirements and increases your team’s business efficiency and productivity.  

  • Assessing vulnerabilities : Ensure that your antivirus standards, patching process, and network integration are updated. 
  • Assessment of Controls & Practices: Assess the gap between IT security practices and industry practices, and propose solutions to bridge the gap. 
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Identify the security awareness training you require and suggest a program to help you plan and implement the program based on your needs. 
  • Security Managed Services: In addition to firewall configuration and network security, we provide patch management, web filtering, application security, threat detection, and threat modelling. 
  • Penetrating the system: Testing your network, application, and systems for vulnerability is known as penetration testing. The tool is a proactive means to alert you to any potential risks of malware attacks or identity theft. 

Managing your IT security will help you succeed. Why delay? 



  • Assessing security : Live us your confidence to perform security assessments of your organization to make informed decisions about IT security.  
  • Cybersecurity Audits : Your systems and processes are thoroughly audited, and a complete report is provided. Followed by the findings for the next. 
  •  Managed IT service: The security systems on your internal IT operations are evaluated for detecting the threats. 
  •  Data securitySecurity risks are assessed, and recommended improvements are proposed, and best practices implemented to protect your data. 
  • Cyber threat landscapeCybersecurity is evolving, so we assist businesses to protect their business system against catastrophically data loss. 
  • Expert advice: Experienced and industry-certified, our IT security team delivers a complete IT security solution suiting your business frame-work.




Ensure that IT issues do not stifle growth in your business. In addition to providing complete protection, our team guards against data leaks, thefts, and disasters related to your applications, products, and infrastructure. 

Put down the thoughts and do what needs to be done. Learn more!  


We help streamline IT security, and boost productivity in your business with every vertical solutions expertise. NSWIT SUPPORT has solutions to fit any industry that is industry compliant and customized to meet your company’s needs. 

As a result of returning to NSW IT, I am confident that our technology is running on the back end without interfering with our daily operations. 

Jeffrey, NSW 

My director requested that our IT security strategy plan be addressed immediately, very late in the afternoon. The earliest they can be delivered to us, the better. However, NSW IT managed to get us the service within a week. 

Richard, Queensland