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In 2023, many businesses have gone through digital transformation. This has helped companies avail the latest technology and eventually reach their business goals. While making use of cutting-edge technologies, some industry-specific advice is needed. When it comes to getting expert advice for Information Technology, IT consulting is crucial. 


Why is IT consulting?

Information Technology Consulting is a field of activity that advises organisations about the best way to use information technology (IT) to achieve their business objectives. 

IT consulting services are professional services that deal with providing consultation to clients in assessing different technology strategies and also help them have the technology strategies stay aligned with their business or process strategies. It has other names such as IT consulting, computer consultancy, business and technology services, computing consultancy, technology consulting, and IT advisory.

The technology and IT consulting services market is estimated to be worth $48 billion, which is roughly 20% of the global consulting market. (Consultancy.Org). Audit consulting, applied, and strategic consulting are the three levels of IT consulting. 


Features of an IT Consulting Company

 IT Consulting Company has the following features:

  • They are reliable and have established credibility in the industry.
  • They must have good communication skills — both oral and in writing — which is necessary to present ideas and solutions.
  • The IT consultant company adapts to the client’s project, work culture, and team members.
  •  The consulting company must be driven with enthusiasm and motivation.
  • They must be available to provide their proper guidance on making new IT initiatives.
  • They always maintain confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.
  • They also have a level of support after the process ends.


Areas of IT Consulting Company

Talking about the areas of IT consulting services, we have the following areas:

  •  Agency Partnership: Also known as Partnership consulting, it helps companies find new projects and even build expertise in new areas of business.
  •  Digital Marketing and SEO: Here, consultants help businesses understand agency goals, develop their marketing plan and strategy, audit their existing social media presence, and recommend the best advertising platforms to attract the right customers. They can help you with your current SEO campaign by reviewing key factors while improving team communication for digital marketing concepts and language.
  •  IT Strategy: IT strategy includes organisations’ management of ICT and employees. IT consultants help in the strategy of various aspects, such as management. They can help businesses define a vision and provide feedback to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Business Roadmap Consulting: Roadmap consultants work together for strategic planning, financial management, fundraising, human resources/staff development and leadership transition. 
  • IT Architecture: IT architecture consultants offer a suggestion on how to operate efficiently, guiding decision-making processes and stakeholder relationships.
  • IT Implementation: IT Implementation consultants offer significant suggestions on business strategy, operations, project strategy, and budget planning.
  • Cloud Solution: Cloud computing consultants’ services are focused on cloud services like cloud adoption, cloud migration, cloud backup, and cloud-based infrastructure management. They ensure the client’s cloud environment is efficient, safe, and high-performing.
  • Enterprise Solution: Enterprise consultants offer advice on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and automate many functions related to technology, services, and human resources.
  • Cyber Security: A cybersecurity consultant helps in protecting a business or clients’ data safe from cyberattacks and other hazards.
  •  Product Development: Product development consultants are responsible for the design of new products, their evaluation, and their improvements. 
  •  Systems Integration: Systems Integration Consulting Services integrates businesses contrasting systems to enhance visibility into your operations and reduce operational costs.
  •  Data Analytics: A data analytics consultant offers advice and direction to businesses to improve their data analytics procedures. They aid clients in becoming insight-driven organisations by implementing augmented analytics, adaptable Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, and advanced data practices.
  • Software Management: Software consultants help plan, implement, and manage software improvements. These consultants have a wide knowledge of software programs and computer languages.
  • IT Virtualisation: Virtualisation Consultants help organisations in switching over to a virtualised IT environment. These services are mostly focused on application Virtualisation, Desktop Virtualisation, Hardware Virtualisation, Storage Virtualisation, Network Virtualisation, Operating System (OS) Virtualisation, and Server Virtualisation.
  • Business ContinuityHere, consultants help form a business continuity plan (BCP) after any disaster. 


Why do companies need Information Technology Consulting services?

If you are looking for the answer to “Why are IT consultants important for organisations?” then we have that covered in this part. Let’s dig in!


They offer competent guidance.

If your staff is new to the latest IT product, there will be an improvement. IT consultants will guide employees on how to use the technologies. Consultants help businesses assess their current situation and provide full short and long-term guidance. Businesses will be able to utilise technology to its fullest extent and stay one step ahead of their rivals. Be sure to follow the guidance of your IT consultant, or else you will regret it sooner or later. 


They have Skill, Expertise and Experience.

 An expert’s time is precious. When hiring IT consultants, you are paying for experts and their specialised skills. Consulting companies have well-experienced employees who help to quickly identify the market challenges, missing links from the employee’s work and many more. The Consulting team hence confidently recommends a solution that best fits your business. They even organise training to teach your staff how to use the tech solution best. When you stay in touch with experts who understand the technology you are interested in, they will help you work with necessary technology consulting.


IT Consultants offer Security.

The importance of proper IT security cannot be ignored these days. Your businesses- small, medium or enterprise level- is constantly at risk of getting attacked by cybercriminals. Also, managing valuable digital assets is another concerned topic. Just because you’re using the right solutions today doesn’t secure you for tomorrow. Of course, you must always take a proactive approach to manage the security of data and your technical assets, and for this, you need the help of an IT consulting firm.

Thus, with the help of a cybersecurity consultant, businesses can strengthen the security of their organisation’s systems and guard against prospective hackers. Additionally, consultants offering advice on security services aid in revising your security strategy and help you keep customers’ and staff’s data secure. 


IT Consulting Companies are Flexible.

Another reason for the deployment of IT consultants is the flexibility they offer. A small business can hire consultants for a short time for your project. You can contact IT consulting companies when looking for additional IT staff for the short term. No matter what your business requires, consulting firms have help for you.

With the help of the consultants, you can always have a lean, flexible infrastructure that uses relevant solutions and produces minimal waste. Having worked with numerous companies helps the consultants to have knowledge of many different fields and be flexible working with any business of any size.


IT Consulting service has Cost-Effectiveness.

Having a full-fledged IT system is the wish of all businesses; however, when it comes to operational costs, IT should be manageable, predictable, and sustainable. Yes, outsourcing option is available, but it is better to use the services of IT consultants. You can get help from an IT consultancy firm to look after the technical aspect(like coding). At the same time, have your in-house senior managers handle the unified communication between the teams. In addition to that, having an IT consulting service will help you eliminate the cost of any unwanted aspects such as salary vacations, sick days, and other day-to-day managerial tasks. This eventually increases the cost savings as well as the profitability of your business.


Consulting services are also focused on Brand Recognition.

IT Consulting services company deal with Digital Marketing, and they do have suggestions on making better brand recognition in the market. They would not hesitate to help you with unique design elements for brand recognition and a way to represent yourself through other marketing strategies. A devoted digital marketing consultant, especially for branding, often works alongside senior managers and other partners and integrates their work with branding, technology, PR, etc.


IT Consultants offer Data Storage services.

Nowadays, every business has some kind of IT system. But this system can be vulnerable to destruction because of potential disasters and threats. If this happens, then data belonging to your client could be lost forever. Thus, IT consulting experts provide you with data backup and disaster recovery techniques for better data storage.


They offer Optimised Productivity.

When you get guidance from the IT consulting team, your business will use technology optimally. These technology solutions streamline your work and improve staff productivity significantly. It can further include reasonable use of project management and collaboration tools for streamlining the work.


With the help of IT consulting services, businesses can have reduced server downtime.

A report showed that, on average, a business loses 545 hours of employee productivity because of IT downtime. In fact, repeated downtime events impact the cost, revenue, business disruption, productivity, and reputation of the company. Eventually, downtime results in unhappy customers. Unhappy customers leave you with bad customer reviews and finally hampers your brand image.

The bottom line is that businesses can rely on IT consultants to keep their business operations moving forward and help manage downtime.


You can enjoy the demanded resources.

The IT field is ever-evolving and surprising us with innovative products. In such a situation, do you have time to stay stagnant, or do you want to make use of these innovations? Well, purchasing these resources can be heavy for you, but with an IT consulting company, you can be provided with all the required resources, including emerging ones. This opportunity to get these demanded resources will help you scale up your business.


Consulting services can increase employee retention.

If workplace experience is great, employees love to stay and work for the organisation for a longer time. When working with top-notch computers and software, your employees will achieve higher productivity levels. With the help of an IT consultant, you can achieve business goals faster and level up employees’ satisfaction. So, you can invest in an IT consultant and be able to increase your employee retention rate.


They also help in advanced connectivity through IoT.

IT consultants can also help you with the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can offer you advanced security, simplified inventory management, and optimisation of your logistics. IoT is a leading technology, and when working with an IT consulting firm, you get the right solutions integrated into your business. You do not have to exert any pressure on yourself as these consultants can assist you in keeping up with the digital world.


Businesses get customised Software Solutions.

Another reliable service of an IT consulting company is the offering of advanced customisable software. Companies need tailored software or apps to meet their business needs, but if they lack these technologies, they can hire an IT consulting firm to help them utilise customisable software. Further, they can keep consulting you on this part, provided the contract proceeds for a longer time.


You can gain time to focus on your core business.

A company can have different employees with different job descriptions and responsibilities. However, these staff do not have to be related to the IT field. In such a condition, you may hire an IT consulting company fully responsible for IT-related initiatives for employees.

Also, a company can get help from professional IT consulting to ensure the team that is dealing with IT works smoothly. Thus, this helps the staff focus, work productively, and even decrease the possible risks of doing business.


Trends in IT Consulting

You can witness these trends in the IT Consulting industry.

  1. Execution over Strategy – Forming a strategy is part of the consultants’ job, but the focus would be on execution aspects through partnerships or building digital platforms.
  2. Technology will be at the core of any consulting. The optimal combination of automation, AI, big data, digital, and Cloud for improvement and agility will create a hegemony.
  3. There will be a rise in ecosystems and modular specialists who can deliver the desired outcomes at a given cost while also leveraging the latest technologies.
  4. Work from anywhere, as well as hybrid working models, will be implemented. Location flexibility will further attract the best talent.


Challenges in IT Consulting


Introduction of new working models

Full-time remote and hybrid working is popular. Working with these models can be hard to manage. These firms hence employ real-time communication tools to help employees and clients collaborate properly.


Dealing with the complexity of client projects

Clients now demand more from their projects and expect more services from IT consulting companies. To deal with this, IT consulting companies have to implement Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools.


Data and security threats

IT consulting firms also deal with an enormous amount of clients’ data, and hence they should be vigilant about the potential risks. 


Generating new business

An IT consulting firm primarily works on a contract basis, and a contract isn’t permanent. Hence they have the challenge of generating new business.



They have to stay innovative to maintain leadership, technology and company culture.


Take Right Decision

 It can be difficult for firms to make the right decisions when it comes to hiring in a crisis, and it’s important not to lose focus on the long-term goal.


Language barriers

A consulting firm must have employees who are fluent in English fluently. 


How to select the best IT consultants/consultancy?

Overall, with IT consulting companies’ creativity and innovative service, businesses remain competitive and grow. Also, with their guidance, you can avoid risky behaviours and implement effective security and data protection solutions. Thus, choosing the right IT consulting company is more than necessary. Here’s what you can do to find the best IT consulting company for your organisation.

  • First, you need to assess the consulting company’s technical expertise to ensure they are the most helpful option for your organisation.
  • Watch out for relevant experience and testimonials to have a clearer picture of the company’s approach toward projects. 
  • Check if they have streamlined communication. 
  • See what exactly the consulting company is offering and whether they help you achieve your goals.
  • Check if an IT consultant has positive or negative reviews and testimonials. 
  •  IT consultancy is crucial, but to afford that, you must check your budget. Before choosing the right IT consultant for your project, you can set up a fixed budget as per your affordability.


Why is NSW IT Support the best IT consultant in Australia?

NSW IT Support is a leading managed service provider in Australia, providing IT solutions offered by a dedicated team who are seasoned and skilled. Besides top-notch managed IT services, we offer high-level IT Consultation. Under our IT CONSULTING service, we offer consultation related to:

  • Managing operations and ICT.
  • Service for data protection.
  • Monitoring for security threats, spam and malware. 
  • Designing and developing systems and networks. 
  • Project development, application and optimisation. 
  • Centralised IT resource 
  • Services to restore and back up data. 

 NSW IT Support implements a practical approach to IT consulting and follows the following steps:

  1. Assessment: Here, our IT consultants identify workflow and automation issues in your current IT software solutions. 
  2. Strategies: We come up with strategies to avail the latest software and declutter the infrastructure. 
  3. Ensuring Productivity: Here, we examine your workflows and remove the impending elements. 
  4. Make Advancement: We not only provide recommendations to improve performance, but we also offer you advanced solutions. 

Clients who have chosen us for IT consulting services have provided us with their satisfied reviews. Overall, with our IT consulting services, you can expect to have that extra edge over your competitors. Contact us to learn more about our Information Technology and advisory services.



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