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MSP trends that assure to re-shape the market in 2021

Unbelievably, 2020 is over, and Managed Service Providers (MSP) in 2021 is already gearing up to execute their MSP strategies.

The impact of coronavirus is that the world is beholding a multi-level change in technologies and trends that defines the business procedures, keeping intact multiple levels of situations. Likewise, the extreme pressure of fulfilling the users’ professional needs has increased focus on operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Moreover, this is also the situation where industry experts predict the vital trends and technologies that we should all be focusing on in the upcoming days.

The high competition, the constant demand to innovate, and the lack of internal technical ability drive increased demand for Managed Service Providers (MSP). To fulfil such raised requests without any burns in the revenue, cost, and capital, business owners are now increasingly turning their interests towards MSP strategy.

So, what MSP trends do we think can assure to re-shape the market in 2021. We have brought seven crucial MSP trends that may help and support you with the flow of getting in 2021.

So, let us get started! But before that,


What is an MSP (Managed Service Provider)?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is liable for available IT (Information Technology) services and infrastructure of an organisation so that a businessperson like you can highly concentrate on the core competencies.

An organisation under the managed model can expect increased professional efficiency, smoother business operations and processes from its MSP partner.

With a continually evolving market, we can expect change and competitors each day. And MSPs (Managed Service Provider) are more aware of the trends and changes with their ability instinct of stability.


What are the seven outlooks of MSP in 2021?

1. MSPs for the security-centric edge

The end of 2019 and at the beginning of 2020 saw a significant rise in cybercrimes such as computer hacking, email bombing, cyberstalking, phishing, spamming, and many more.

Thankfully, MSPs’ activeness has embedded the security part of Firewall, CIS, and Email tester to minimise cybercrimes. The few months of 2021 can find a rise in cybersecurity breaches targeting SMEs.

Ability in cybersecurity is not just confined to large corporations anymore; it is an imperative feature to protect your clients’ IT environment, whether small, medium, or large.

Solutions to cyberattacks should include how to defend and how to recover instead of recovering against any attack.

A security-centric MSP holds a strong ability to hinge the client security postures. They also look out for opportunities to improve and address the gaps (technological and human) that may affect their data.


2. Cloud, automation & recovery

In 2021, the demand for cloud applications with a multi-cloud environment is expected to see a rise in digital transformation with customer engagements. SMEs can move to the cloud computing model for economical, secure, and trustworthy services.

Cloud-based applications mean more client accounts, more information movement among systems, and the flow of data from cloud to on-premises structures. A large amount of load gets reduced by automating the tasks in the IT environment. MSPs automated solutions must feature prospect gain over competitors.

The MSP market is expected to see a rise in service outsourcing, reducing the dependency on traditional SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with disaster recovery and continuity.


3.The Use of IoT (Internet of Things) Technologies

The creation and utilisation of IoT gadgets (Internet of Things) are expected to reach out to 22 billion in 2025, opening a landscape of opportunities for the MSPs.

Corporations may find difficulties implementing the IoT as it requires a deep understanding and certified professionals with fluency on the system.

MSPs can build incentive by being the extension by acquiring considerable information at the two ends.


4. An Increased Demand for Flexible Services

Clients consistently lean toward multi-package service provider offering IT services under a single roof. Make sure the MSP you have taken offers a revolving technology landscape. Here, evolving does not mean expanding the offerings but supporting the client’s business in their techno ecosystem.

For instance, a customer needs to alter its cloud administrations or make data recovery; your administration should be agile enough to let the IT framework adapt the flexibility.


5. The Changing Market Dynamics Because of Evolving SaaS-MSP Relationships

There will be a massive focus on SaaS (Software as Service) organisations’ connection (the makers of cloud-based business applications) and MSPs (organisations that sell and support these services).

SaaS marketers have not showed the measures to sort out the channel functionality. So there comes the significant responsibility of MSPs.

According to information delivered by Cloud Technology Alliance, 26% of sellers disperse administrations through MSPs.


6. Backup solutions and offers

More information in cloud-based tools implies more requirement for a dependable backup of data. Offering a well-managed package of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace with cloud-to-cloud backup guarantees high-end security.

Managed provider knows the worth of productivity and security. As a businessperson, you might not always remain on the premise, but with 365 workshops, you can always consider your business operational activities.


7. Collaborate with marketers that empower you to balance your business

Not all IT merchants have a similar goal and mission to meet your business goals. With an MSP, you will grow and channelise your business with a technology that works dedicatedly for you.

Knowing and understanding your business demands, the MSPs serve in a comprehensive way that analyses your business’s growth.



The pandemic has made most organisations realise the need for automation, digital workspace with security to be prepared for unexpected calamities. As more entities are moving towards e-development, there will be an increasing demand for service providers who will build, design, and support the IT framework.

As the competition intensifies, more businesses are likely to enter the market. To gain a sharp edge on the competitors with quality service aid from MSP is mandatory.

NSW IT support has been aiding several SMEs business inside NSW for the overall managed IT service. We have helped the enterprises with the needed alteration with proper recovery management and attentive, agile support.

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