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VoIP Services and Supports NSW

NSW IT Support provides VoIP System services to its clients. The services are cost effective as it is provided via Internet. The main purpose of NSW IT Support is to minimize your telecom expenses and create further business opportunities. NSW IT Support VoIP service includes installation, configuration, maintenance, and software update. 

 “VoIP is the abbreviation for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. In a common form, it provides phone service over a simple internet connection.  If you have a good internet connection you can get your phones connected to it instead of a phone company. Most of the people prefer using this service because of its minimal charges unlike charges from the phone company. It adds more feature to the communication network and acts a medium of communication all over the world.”

VoIP services are not only cost effective in nature, but also have incredible advantages. It has qualitative audio with more flexibility and control over your traditional phone. It offers you an option to control and manage your phone system from anywhere. NSW IT Support provides customized VoIP system service.  


Why VoIP telecom for your business?

  • Virtual Numbers: Virtual number “1300” allows you to connect with your clients in any state of “Australia”. Your client can get in touch with the business at a local rate. Followingly including Toll Free numbers “1800” can inflow more clients to your business from any corner of Australia at free cost. 
  • Call Routing:  Incoming calls can be enrooted to several devices. This prevents your business from losing your clients. 
  • Conference Calling: Even if you are out from your work station, with VoIP and better internet connectivity you can connect unlimited users for conference calls. 


Advantages of VoIP service from NSW IT SUPPORT in Australia;

  • Own equipment and software. 
  • Custom developed billing system. 
  • Independent VoIP service provider. 
  • Offer private IP connection for VOIP service. 
  • No maintenance fees. 
  • Missed call notification and call transferring service. 
  • Single VOIP system for the entire office. 
  • Retention of existing phone numbers. 
  • Transmission of calls from Business IP lines, Hosted PBX and Business SIP trunk. 
  • 24/7 support service. 


To avail VoIP service in Australia, contact NSW IT SUPPORT at 1300 138 600 or email us at info@nswits.com.au !